Why We're Doing This

June 8, 2024

This is our first blog post!  So exciting.  Thank you for reading!  While future posts will hit all kinds of different topics (packing tips, fun facts, location features, etc), we wanted to take this first post to tell you why we're doing this.  

To put it simply, we wanted to share our love of travel with the world.  Michelle grew up in a small town dreaming of seeing what was over the next ridge.  She jumped on a bus at the first opportunity and has never found a cure for her wanderlust.  Chris grew up in a military family and joined the military himself, traveling all over the world and experiencing different cultures.  After we got married we never slowed down and are constantly on the move.  

That doesn't mean that every place we've been is somewhere we want to go back to.  It doesn't mean that every journey left us with a fond memory.  That's part of the deal and what makes travel so exciting.  Travel doesn't just mean vacation - it means experiencing what life is like outside of our bubbles, the good and the bad.  That's how it teaches us about ourselves and lets us grow into more than we were at the beginning of the journey.

So if you're looking for a vacation, we'd love to help you plan out your next chance to relax.  If you're looking to travel, to experience something that will push your boundaries, then you've also come to the right place. We'll never take it for granted that you're letting us join you on your journey.  Thank you for the opportunity, and Go Forth With Confidence!